Our Brand Promises To You

  • One Low Price, Plain & Simple, Always

    Whether you’re 18 or 80, you get the same price up front, in writing, every single day. There is no need for customers to negotiate with us to get our Best Price. We always have fair prices representing good value.

  • Relaxed Shopping Experience & Consultative Sales Process

    Relax. Our sales team is here to help you make a wise choice, and they’re paid based on how satisfied you are, not on how much you spend. Our customer-friendly consulting process aims to identify the wants and needs of our customers before we present them our offerings. It is a process designed to educate our customers about the options available to them, so they can make educated automotive decisions.

  • Real Cash Value for Your Trade

    You will know what your vehicle is worth before you start to shop. It’s based on the current market value of your vehicle and does not depend on which one you want to buy. It is the amount we will pay you for your vehicle, even if you don’t buy ours.

    We have an interactive appraisal process designed to get our customers the most for their trade up front, without negotiating.

  • The Right Vehicle at the Right Time

    With a large inventory and wide variety from which to choose, chances are high we have the right vehicle in stock, priced at the best value for your money. We offer a large selection of used vehicles, as well as a full line of new vehicles. All value priced.

  • Affordable Financial Solutions for Today and in the Future

    We offer competitive financial services to meet your budget and present you with options. Your choice and your credit history won’t change the price of the vehicle. Our financial services process aims to create the highest value for customers today and in the future. We strive to earn your business for life.

  • You Can’t Buy the Wrong Vehicle from Us

    7-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 30-Day Exchange on Pre-Owned.

  • Dependable Service to Meet Your Schedule

    Our professional team is here to provide you full maintenance and repair services along with oil changes in Kalispell when you want and need them, including all day Saturday.


Sell your car to Kalispell Toyota and receive a


in 40 minutes or less!

We are known for being transparent in everything we do! And its no different when you are wanting to sell us your car, truck, or SUV. When we appraise your vehicle, what we appraise your vehicle for is what we will write you a check for, the actual cash value. Along with that the value of your car does not change based on the vehicle you select. Our team will handle the research for you during our appraisal process to make sure you get every penny your vehicle is worth. Further, we will pull the CarFax report on your vehicle and give you a copy. Our friendly team will also inform you of any repairs that are needed on your car with a estimated cost of what it would be to fix it.  


Kalispell Toyota is proud to serve Kalispell, MT and its surrounding area since 2007. Let us exceed your expectations and earn your trust and loyalty for a lifetime.


Sell Us Your Car Today

Its Simple

Bring your vehicle to Kalispell Toyota and take all the guess work out of knowing what its worth. We handle the complete appraisal for you. Our team will look at exterior condition, drive it, and inspect it, at no cost to you.

Can’t make it in? As long as you are located in or near Kalispell we can send one of our friendly Sales members to pick your vehicle up for an appraisal. After the appraisal is complete, a Sales Manager will give you a call with the actual cash value of your car. Once you have made an informed decision with the information we provide, we will bring your check or your car back.

You don’t have to leave your home to get the same great service we provide to all of customers who visit our dealership.


In, Out, And On Your Way


So You Can Enjoy The Things You Love

If You Sell Your Car Through A Private Party


It can cause headaches and take longer than expected


Everyone wants to get the most money for their vehicle and we want to ensure you do as well in the most simple and efficient way possible. We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed financial decision. That’s why we have listed some pro’s and cons’ to selling your vehicle private party vs selling your car to us :



    1. Get your vehicle cleaned and detailed.
    2. Take pictures of your car and post them everywhere you can online.
    3. Payoff your vehicle to remove any liens. Or explain to your potential buyers you will have to use the money they give you to pay it off, wait for the lien release and title, then provide it to the new owner.
    4. Have your title in hand to provide to the buyer.
    5. Spend hours researching what the value of your car, truck or SUV is worth.
    6. List your vehicle on multiple websites and social media outlets online.
    7. Pull and pay for your vehicles CarFax report so you can show it to interested buyers.

    1. Answer multiple phone calls and text messages from interested buyers all hours of the day and night.
    2. Schedule time for those interested to see and test drive your car.
    3. Meet with interested buyers in a safe place.
    4. Check that interested buyers have valid insurance before having them test drive your vehicle.
    5. Be prepared to negotiate with interested buyers.
    6. Are you willing to trade vs taking cash for your vehicle.

    1. Ask for cash or a cashier’s check from the buyer.
    2. Fill out the title correctly.
    3. Request a photo of the buyer’s driver’s license.
    4. Make sure the buyer registers the vehicle in their name right away.
    5. Be prepared that the buyer may call at a later date if something should happen to the vehicle.

  1. Contact us.

  2. We complete all the research. We inspect, and appraise your vehicle at no cost to you.
  3. Receive a actual cash value and get a check immediately.
  4. If you’ve got a lien or payoff on your vehicle, no problem! We will take care of the payoff and processing of the title. All you have to do is sign a few pieces of paperwork.

We’re happy to handle the entire process of your car sale. Our goal is to give you a relaxed experience every time you visit our dealership. No matter what your reason for visiting us is. Hear from our previous customers and how they feel about working with us in our customer testimonials.

Let us deal with all of this, so you don’t have to!

To Sell Your Vehicle to Us

Make Sure You Bring the Following Information

Selling your car to Kalispell Toyota is simple. Likewise, if you plan to purchase a vehicle, we offer many financing options to fit your budget and financial needs. However, we do need a couple things from you to get started. Make sure to bring in the following documents:


Title or payoff information
We handle the entire process to payoff your vehicle. But we do need to know the remaining balance that is owed. Likewise, if you have already paid off the lien to your vehicle, simply bring in the lien release. In addition we will need the title and all parties listed on the title to be present.

Valid ID
We will need a valid government issued ID from all parties listed on the title.



Work With Kalispell Toyota to Get a

Actual Cash Value

Use the form below to contact us about getting your actual cash value today

Once your appraisal is complete it will be valid for 14 days as long as the condition of the vehicle remains the same.

Looking to get a general idea what your vehicle is worth online? Simply fill out the form below with your contact information, and a member from our friendly Sales team will give you a call to gather some details about your car, truck, or SUV. Prefer to come in? Our convenient Kalispell, MT location and flexible hours mean it’s always easy to sit down with a member of our friendly Sales team for a consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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