Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be for a car rental from Kalispell Toyota?

Our car rental program requires you to be 21 years old to rent any vehicle.

Can I drive the rental car out of state?

You can drive our rental cars out of state. However, there is a mileage limit of 250 miles a day. In addition you can take a rental car to Canada but CAN NOT take any car rentals to Mexico.

What type of insurance do I need?

You need to have full coverage insurance that is transferable to the rental vehicle.

Can Kalispell Toyota provide full coverage insurance if I do not have insurance or my insurance is not full coverage.

We are unable to provide insurance at this time.

What information do I need to rent a vehicle?

You will need a valid driver license with no restrictions, a credit card and insurance card. Furthermore, we require a matching name on all three documents.

Is smoking allowed in a rental car?

No, you will be charged a cleaning fee if smoke is present in a rental car.

Can I take my pets in a rental car?

Unfortunately, at this time, four-legged friends are not permitted in rental cars. A minimum $150 cleaning fee will be assessed if the interior/exterior of the vehicle requires more than a standard car wash or normal vacuum.

Will I be charged for the miles I drive on the rental vehicle?

You can drive up to 250 miles per day in a Kalispell Toyota rental car. In fact there is a $.25/mile charge if you exceed that limit.

Do I need to return the vehicle clean and full of gas?

Yes, rental cars must be returned in the same condition that they were received or you will be subject to a cleaning fee, fuel fee, etc. Fuel fees will be higher than current fuel prices ($7 per gallon – subject to change per market changes). Thus, it is best to fill the tank prior to returning to Kalispell Toyota.

How do I reserve a vehicle?

To rent or reserve a vehicle, stop by Kalispell Toyota and visit our rental kiosk or reception desk. Likewise, our friendly staff will be happy to assist with your rental car needs in Kalispell. If you would like to reserve a vehicle over the phone just call our rental team directly at 406-756-5088.

Can I return the rental vehicle to another location?

All rental vehicles must be returned to Kalispell Toyota. As a result we are unable to provide one way rentals at this time.

Can I tow my rental behind a camper to use on vacation?

Car rentals from Kalispell Toyota may not be towed behind any campers or U-haul style trailers.

I’m traveling with children, do you have any amenities available to help ease the amount of items I need to bring?

We do offer car seat rentals. We also have great resources for local rentals of items such as pack-n-plays, high chairs, and other baby items.