SmartPath | The New Innovative Way to Buy Your Next Toyota

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What is SmartPath?

SmartPath is a revolutionary way to purchase a Toyota from the comfort of your own home. With SmartPath, you can view real-time available inventory, get accurate pricing information, value your trade, and get approved—all before stepping into a dealership. However, even if you’re already at the dealership, you can review payment options for any vehicle of interest before taking it for a test drive. We aim to ensure you have the best experience possible by providing all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

How It Works

Vehicle Selection

First, choose any vehicle from our available inventory. Next, you can browse through a list of available models and select the color and trim level you desire. Once you have made your selection, click “Estimate Payment.”

Estimate Payment

In this menu, you can choose payment options for a lease, finance, or cash purchase. Then, select how much cash you have for a down payment, the average miles you drive per year, and your credit score. Next, you can review the available payment options. In fact, these options allow you to see different interest rates and finance terms available. Finally, you can also adjust the cash down amount to find a monthly payment that fits within your payment parameters.

Trade-In Valuation

After selecting your payment, you can add your trade-in vehicle. This information is processed through the Kelly Blue Book Calculator. As a result, you will need to enter the year, brand, model, and style of your vehicle. Once you select the style, the engine and transmission will automatically populate. Choose your drivetrain, then enter your actual mileage and zip code, and click “Next.” On the following screen, you will select all the options on your vehicle and provide the color. After updating this information, you will need to select the condition of your vehicle. If you are unsure which condition to choose, you can view the condition definitions. By selecting “Next,” you will receive a Kelly Blue Book Value, showing a trade-in range along with a trade-in value.

You can update your payment by adding this value to the payment estimator or get the value for another trade-in vehicle. The information from Kelly Blue Book is also sent directly to your local dealership. However, the trade-in value is still contingent on the dealer confirming the condition in person. After adding your trade to the payment estimator, enter the amount owed to get accurate payment information. The amount owed is the payoff amount you have left on your vehicle if it is currently being financed or leased.

Add Accessories

Now that you have calculated your trade-in into your monthly payment, the fun part begins. Toyota offers a wide variety of accessories to customize your new vehicle. Select as many accessories as you want; you will find the prices listed under each one. All prices include shipping and installation. A running total of all your chosen accessories is kept at the top of the page. Once you have everything you want added, select “Done.” The cost will automatically be calculated into the monthly payment estimator.

Vehicle Protection

Next to buying a home, a vehicle is one of the biggest financial purchases people make in their lifetime. Protecting your asset to keep it looking good and running efficiently is extremely important. This is why Kalispell Toyota offers many protection plans to make sure you are covered in the event something unfortunate happens. Here is a list of some of the warranty and vehicle protections we offer:

– Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
– Excess Wear and Use
– Vehicle Service Agreement (warranty)
– Tire and Wheel Protection
– Crystal Fusion
– Northwest Protection Package

By clicking “Learn More” next to each vehicle protection product, you can see exactly what is covered, the term it is covered for, get a brochure, see vehicle eligibility, and view benefits. You also get the monthly payment cost and total cost displayed on the top right-hand side. Once you have selected which protections are most beneficial to you, they will automatically be calculated into the payment estimator.

Start Your Purchase

Now that you have your vehicle customized and protected, you can begin your purchase. Select “Start Purchase,” and you will see an itemized price for the vehicle, monthly payments, and the amount required at signing. You can still edit any details you wish at this time. By clicking “Choose Financing,” you can fill out a credit application and get approved for financing. Once approved, you can set up a time to come take delivery of your new vehicle. It’s that simple!

With SmartPath, you are in control of your vehicle buying process. Kalispell Toyota has always been transparent in everything we do, which is why utilizing SmartPath aligns so well with our dealership. If you have any questions about SmartPath or our available inventory, please contact us at 406-755-6060.

By incorporating SmartPath into your vehicle purchasing journey, you can streamline the process and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Visit Kalispell Toyota today to see how SmartPath can make your next Toyota purchase the best one yet.

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